Airports are leading the way with digital arrival/departure boars, digital signs in terminal restaurants and new methods of airport advertising, but the rest of the transportation industry is rapidly catching up.

Airports have discovered that the traditional way of travelling – calling an airline to book a ticket, checking in at the terminal, security point and gate and referring to an analog-style flight board is rapidly changing.

The travel experience can be improved greatly by the use of digital signage and using self check in kiosks for customers. Dynamic messaging on screens is aesthetically pleasing for travellers, but it serves a more important purpose of conveying updated train, flight and airport information to them, which is critical in fast-paced airport and train stations.

For airport authorities, digital signage can make for a safer and more secure environment, as well as aid the constant flow of traffic in the terminals.


Digital signage is emerging as a way of enhancing that travel experience from a customer point of view, while also making the process easier for transport employees.

It is even possible to shrink perceived waiting times down with the use of digital signage. One reason that advertising has seen such success in public transport areas is that, as with any kind of public transportstion, people are going to have to wait.

Bus shelters can provide billboards are interactive screens. Taxis can show content usually advertising on screens on top pof taxis – this is a new technology which is more popuar in the US than the UK. Wayfinding signage typically is stagnant and directs travellers e.g. arrivals, baggage claims, taxis and customer services.

Airport digital signage can also include information on popular local destinations, restaurants, shops and hotels.


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