Digital signage is a great marketing method that many still don’t know about. Strategy is what makes digital signage displays work and fulfil real company aims.

When you create great digital screens, people look at them. In retail, 8/10 customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their interest. We all have dead TV monitors around us – in the office, in bars, even at the gym or our local library.

The reason most of these screens are dead (or boring) is because the person in charge of them didn’t have time to think of a strategy.


The first thing for anyone visiting a confrence or a trade show is to see clear signage of where to go.

Multiply that by hundreds if not thousands of individuals coming through the doors and those screens employed for exactly this kind of information all of a sudden look like an amazing investment in comparison to the bulky large planners and stand up signs.

This is even more apparent when there are multiple conferences happening at a venue. Digital signage eliminates the need for printed signage for any change notifications.


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