Digital signage in hotels is not a new concept. It is most often thought of as the in room TV and entertinment (hotel channels).

As a hotelier, you are always seeking ways in which you can engage with your existing and potential customers with the objective of them being loyal and regular customers.

The room should not be the first place you interact with your customers. Every business wants the ability to better communicate with its customers and hotels are no different. As with retail the customer journey is becoming increasingly important for hotels.


The reception area of any hotel is often its centerpiece, and also where the customer experience starts so make it stand out with stunning video wall arrays and appealing content which will set the tone and expectation of a worthy establishment whether for a conference or a holiday.

Room rates fluctuate depending on the time of day or year, or the demand due to a conference. Increased competition and special promotions are not easily catered for through traditional printed signage.

In 24 hour receptions when the concierge is not on duty a kiosk can be used to provide information to travellers on the go. Avoid having long queues for those frequently asked questions and add to the customer journey.

Kiosks can also take the form of self check in areas for those business travellers who may wish to bypass reception and possible long lines.


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