The healthcare industry is possibly one of the few industry verticals where digital signage combined with the high dwelling times can have an even more beneficial impact for employees, patients and visitors.

Firstly, communicating with your employees is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder to do especially in a dynamic environment such as healthcare. Corporate messages can be drowned out and patient experience can be lost in the chaos.

Secondly, improved patient experience is becoming of paramount importance to private and public organisations. Because of exactly these growing headaches, digital signage for the healthcare is becoming a neccessary tool as it provides a unique platform for engagement for your employees and patients alike.

Digital signage not only provides superior engagement and return on investment versus conventional digital signage, but with the average dwelling times as high as 40 minutes there is no better platform to reach an ever growing number of visitors.

With patients choosing hospitals based on amenities and non-medical characteristics it is important to place emphasis on the patient and visitor journey.

Ultimately, digital signage provides organisations the tools to be more efficient and cost effective, leading to an improved patient experience.


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