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At WATCH THIS SPACE we have a team of scientists, engineers and developers who are passionate to revolutionise the future of businesses with Artificial Intelligence (Al) and machine learning technologies.

We provide custom AI solutions and products to help companies across different industries to implement AI today.

Our AI research and development facility allows us to solve today’s complex problems, customise real-life AI applications for positive future impact, and drive future innovation.

We are on a mission to develop AI products and solutions that unlock human potential.

Here are some of the areas we specialise in.

  • Virtual Store
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Endless Aisle
  • E-Commerce Wall
  • Digital Pop Up
  • Secure Branded Locker
  • In-Store Optimisation

In-store, gondola end touchscreen led e commerce with home fulfilment.

This area of the digital future store allows customers to browse and purchase using a touchscreen.

The idea is very simple. The customer can see an image of the product, along with the image is some information and the price.

Once the customer has clicked a product to the online basket / e-commerce, a whole new set of options become available e.g. upselling, cross-selling & loyalty options.

  • Intelligent Self Checkout
  • Fast promotions
  • Extended Marketplace
  • Pick up in-store or Ship to home

Using WTS digital screen displays and Intelligent Dynamic Pricing/ Shelf Edge Technology (NetT icklT) offers the following opportunities:-

  • Change your prices instantly – Sell end of range goods, surge times
  • Personalised Product Recommendations via digital screens (require Vision Data feed & transaction feed)
  • Sales Uplift- real-time pricing enables faster campaigns and promotions
  • Designing digital tickets which sell – design digital price tickets that attract, engage and motivate to buy
  • Reporting – access to standard reports describing user activity.
  • Increase in productivity – the system allows a perceptible reduction of the time needed to prepare and implement price tickets.

The Wall is ideal in convenient locations like station platforms, outside fuel stations or in retail malls / public spaces. The model is simple:-

Interested customers download the retailer app into their smartphones Scan – Mobile scan and shop (24:7:365)

Order – The scanned products are stored in the customers’ online shopping basket, who pay online once their order is completed Receive – Pick up in-store or Ship to home
Retailers not restricted by bricks-and-mortar.

Endless aisles are in-store kiosks which allow customers to browse and order products that are not available in the store.

  • Increased Footfalls and Sales Conversions
  • Reduction in Sales Loss
  • Faster Customer Service
  • Enhanced Customer Experience with wider choice and faster service
  • Enable customers to check in advance whether the product they are looking for is available in-store. Capture more customer insights
  • Increased Cross Sell Upsell Opportunities
  • Inventory Expansion without
    increasing the floor space
  • Enhanced sales assistance for store associates

Multichannel Digital Pop Up (Magento, POS, RMS)

Enhance Customer Experience – Personalised Product Recommendations

Increase Sales & extend your products range (integrated to your online store)

Staffless Pop Up Store – Ideally for small stores & Shopping Malls

Promote the latest products, promotions & services

Generate Customer Feedback

  • Lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning no more queues or waiting in
  • Collecting a parcel from the locker takes as little as 7 seconds
  • The collection process Is simple: the customer receives a text, scans a QR code and the locker opens
  • All branded lockers are located In safe and secure areas
  • Increase footfall
  • Fast shipment & delivery
  • DTC direct2U

Optimise in-store presentation, displays and shelf-space use with new methods and data (image recognition, real-time pathway)

  • Counting customers entering / leaving / present in the store, with demographic analysis (gender, age (boundries)
  • Calculating customer flow maps (heatmaps)
  • Counting the length of the queue to the cash register and signaling to the staff when it is too long
  • Checking if the customer’s basket is empty at the checkout
  • Detection of empty places on store shelves, so that the service staff knows where to top up the goods
  • Detecting goods dropped on the floor
  • Detection of abandoned carts in a store
  • Detection of attempts to enter restricted areas by unauthorised persons

Don’t see the specification you require, don’t worry we can customise screen size, software, brand, technology to high quality security features.


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